Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes

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Our Stunning "GLAM GIRL TEMPORARY TATTOOS" add a bit of sass to any style! 

Each sheet of temporary tattoos are sold as shown in each photo.

 Non-toxic 100% safe 
 100% Waterproof
 Washes off easily
 Last up to 2-5 days with proper care
 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 
How to apply the tattoo:

Remove clear sheet
Place tattoo face down on skin
Wet the tattoo thoroughly with a wet sponge
After 20-30 seconds gently remove the paper
Allow the tattoo to dry for a minute

How to remove the tattoo:

Apply a small amount of baby oil or olive oil to the tattoo. Let it soak in for a minute. Then scrub it off with a wash cloth. Rubbing over with alcohol will remove the tattoo instantly,