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  • Pretty Mess reusable self-adhesive hemp lashes are made with latest upgraded technology, they last a long time. They are light weight and the lashes stay on all day. 
  • Our Pretty Mess reusable hemp lash self adhesive is different from magnetic eyelashes and glue lashes, They are self-adhesive and are put on without glue, 
  • Our self adhesive hemp lashes are made of soft light weight hemp, plant fibers, which have a nice curl and are very flexible. Acting like your natural lashes.
  • Our Pretty Mess Hemp Lashes self stick on your eyelids and can be used for many times with proper use, care and storage. If the strip becomes dirty and not sticky, you may wash it with warm water and dry it gently with a hairdryer or let air dry in warm temperatures. (Put back in the case for clean, easy storage)