1. Shake the magnetic eyeliner before using. Apply 2 coats for better hold.
  2. Touch to make sure it doesn’t transfer before the next step.
  3. Cut magnetic lash down to fit eye width.
  4. Adhere magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner, starting from the inner corner. Press the lash down to set it.
  5. To reuse, clean magnetic lashes with a nail or cotton swab dipped with makeup remover.


  1. Gently pull off the lashes.

  2. Use your nail or oil-free makeup remover to remove any remaining makeup from the magnets. Do not wash your lashes. Lashes can be damaged by being washed, especially by oil based cleanser.
  3. Remove the eyeliner with a cotton swab dipped in olive oil or coconut oil.
  4. Store for future use in a carrying case.


    • Please ensure that your eyelid is free of oil before you apply your magnetic eyeliner. This will drastically improve the eyeliner's hold.

    • Starting at the outer edge of your eye, hold your magnetic lashes up against your eye to see how they will fit. Roll the lashes gently to adjust them to your eye shape. Trim the lashes if necessary.
    • Shake the magnetic eyeliner bottle before application.
    • After every use, clean your magnetic lashes with any oil-free makeup remover
    • The eyeliner may get dried a bit as time passes. In this case, simply add one drop of skincare essential oil or coconut oil to it and it will be smooth again!
    • Please remove the eyeliner and eyelashes before going for an MRI scan.



    • My lashes won’t stay on. 
    Try applying a bit more eyeliner glue or magnetic eyeliner and wait for the liner to dry a bit more. Tip: Apply extra eyeliner to both corners of your eye.
    • My lashes are too long.

    In this case, (magnetic lashes) simply trim the lashes by cutting off 1 magnet. Just make sure that there are magnets on both edges. (Mink lashes) simply trim the mink lashes where you feel the length would fit your eye lids better.

    • My magnetic eyeliner comes off on the magnet. 

    This can happen when the liner is too wet when you apply the lashes. Let it dry a bit longer before applying the lashes.  

    However, it is normal that some of the product will remain on the magnets after use. You can clean the magnet by gently scraping it with your fingernail.

    •  I got makeup on my lashes.

    Just add a small amount of makeup remover to a cotton swab and gently remove the makeup. This applies for both types of our lashes, magnetic or mink lashes.