Hello Beautiful! Welcome to Mistix Lash by KGGKH.💜 We are a couple of life long girlfriends born, raised and based out of Boston, MA. With a love for beauty & fashion and a "IGAF" attitude Kinda Good Girl Kinda Hood was created. We are passionate about making it easier for you to shop online, So we try our best to make your shopping experience pleasant, seamless and hassle-free.
We truly believe that no one should ever regret their lifestyle whatever it may be. "Confidence is Beauty". We  We are proud to bring you trendy, high quality and cruelty-free strip and magnetic lashes that allow you to express your confidence and beauty EVERY DAY! That is why we have merged with the founder of Mistix Lash who has a lot of the same beliefs as we do when it comes to lash quality and customer service.  Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and that's why we strive to make our products affordable to all.     

All of our customers are important to us. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

 Kinda Good Girl Kinda Hood is a Lifestyle (Meaning Behind Our Name)- "Good Girl" Someone was / is socially and academically successful, smart and driven, pretty and kind. But she was also an individual who aimed to please (people pleaser), toed the line (no opinions on things) and didn’t take risks (follows the rules). She repressed what she really thought (doesn’t get mad ) and did not handle her mistakes with humor (has to do everything right).  "Hood" Someone who is from an inner city and expresses the essence of urban culture. Not to be confused with ghetto because a person can be hood but not ghetto at all. Describing a person as 'hood" can be a positive compliment but describing someone as ghetto is usually derogatory. Many people that are "hood" are successful, classy individuals who not only survived the perils of the inner city but love their hometown and have a desire to make it better for everyone there.    

A Portion Of Our Proceeds Are Donated To  "Overdose Awareness" in Memory Of Brady Who Lost His Battle To Addiction 11/15/16.  #AddictToAngel   #Forever24   #AlwaysLoved   #NeverForgotten 💜  Addicttoangel.com                                                     We also donate a portion of our proceeds to a non profit feral animal rescue organization 💜  If you would like to donate to OD Awareness in memory of someone you know or to help support the cause, please go to heroinsupport.org - On your cell phone you can text the word "Nonprofit" to the number 44321 to donate.
 Thank you 💜